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    I had my cut and layers done by a girl called Francesca. Firstly I was so happy with the result and cant wait to go back for my ombre soon. The prices were super reasonable especially because I had a wash, blow dry and curls as well! Also, Francesca was really nice and kept me chatting the whole time. She was so friendly and it was definitely the most relaxed and least awkward hair cut session I have ever had. Definitely my favourite hairdresser. Further more the layout of the room was both stunning and clever. The homeliness and overall relaxed atmosphere helped me be at ease as I was worried about having all my hair cut. The layers were so beautiful I really recommend booking francesca and I know i will be for my next appointment. Prices, atmosphere, staff, I just love everything about flappers.
    By Admin, November 11, 2020
  • I visited your Fareham branch today around 11-11.30 to buy a whole new winter wardrobe to find on the rails a pair of MOULDY jeans which I pointed out to my partner. As we were discussing the appealing state of the jeans and how they could possibly be sold a member of staff named L***** promptly walked over and turned the jeans around and placed more jeans in front to cover them up (not removing them from the shelf) me and my partner watched as this was done and made comments about how disgusting that they would just cover this up. The jeans were very clearly marked with mould. As we were discussing how terrible it was your member of staff L***** started shouting what are you saying have you got a problem the store was fairly busy and this was very embarrassing that a member of your team would be so rude and aggressive towards a PAYING customer. When I approached the sales desk to ask for a name and the managers name L***** very quickly approached the sales desk and was again very rude and aggressive claiming to be the manager which it turned out she was not. I simply asked a sales assistant for a name as I felt very uneasy by the way she spoke to me even getting to the point of shouting at me in front of customers. I promptly left the shop without buying a single item as I felt very intimidated by the amount of staff who I felt ganging up on me and not being nice at all. The fact you have many members of staff who treat your customers so appallingly is the reason I will not visit your shop again. I have been a customer since you first opened and feel so disappointed you would employ people who have no customer service skills and no quality control. Please check your security cameras around 11-11.30 in your Fareham branch and you will see your member of staff L***** covering up mouldy clothing and I expect if you check a little bit after someone will have removed the jeans. I was informed she was a manager so maybe you should invest in some training in customer service and quality control as she has let your store down in the worst possible way. I doubt I will get any reply from anyone but I will certainly avoid ANY new look store and will persuade anyone else not to use your store again. I still feel very upset and uneasy by the way she approached me in such a vile manor and how rude L***** was in front of my two young children who are also still upset by her actions. Wouldnt even give it a one star but had to to write the review!
    By Admin, October 07, 2020
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    videos document real events at Naturist destinations. Most videos are taken in Europe at beaches, swimming pools and rivers. Please note that these charming videos are not of the same production quality as others that we carry, however, we feel that they provide another unique glimpse into the Naturist lifestyle.
    By Admin, August 04, 2020

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